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Characteristics of Strepsipterans
Examples Twisted-winged parasites
Wings 0-2; Only males have wings
Mouth Parts Vestigial
Usual Number of Tarsal Segments 2 to 5
Metamorphosis Complete Metamorphosis, with hypermetamorphosis
Usual Size Minute
Where usually found In other insects

Members of order Strepsiptera are very minute, with very big difference between the genders. Males have large, fanlike hind wings and essentially lack front wings. They also have multi-segmented antennae and bulging eyes. Females lack wings, legs, and antennae.

Strepsipterans have no economic importance.

Strepsipterans are parasites in the bodies of other insects. Females normally stay within the insect their entire lives, while males can travel.

Order Strepsiptera is divided into four families, which are determined by the shape and size of the antennae and tarsal segments. The four families are: Mengeidae, Stylopidae, Halictophagidae, and Elenchidae.