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Characteristics of Embiopterans
Examples Webspinners
Wings 0-4; Hind wings smaller
Mouth Parts Chewing
Usual Number of Tarsal Segments 3
Metamorphosis Simple Metamorphosis
Usual Size Small
Where usually found In debris

Webspinners are very small insects that are usually brown or yellow in color. Wings are always absent in females, and they may be present in males. Their antennae are short and have many segments.

Webspinners have no environmental or economical importance.

Webspinners live in soil or debris in colonies that are lined by silk that they form. All ages of webspinners have silk glands.

There are three families of Webspinners in North America, and they are limited to the southern regions of the continent. These families are: Teratembiidae, Anisembiidae, and Oligotomidae.