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Characteristics of Hymenopterans
Examples Ants, wasps, bees
Wings 0-4; Hind wings smaller
Mouth Parts Chewing
Usual Number of Tarsal Segments 5
Metamorphosis Complete Metamorphosis
Usual Size Any size
Where usually found On ground or in vegetation

Members of order Hymenoptera do not all have wings, though those that do have 4 wings. They usually have long antenna with many segments.

The insects in this order perform a variety of functions that affect the environment. Some, like bees, transport pollen between flowers to help pollinate plants. Others make helpful substances, like honey and wax. Still others are parasitic and kill other insects that are harmful to plants. Finally, some of the insects in this order are pests themself and can kill off plants.

Most members of Hymenoptera live on flowers or vegetation, though they also live in the ground and in debris. Generally eggs are laid upon the surface that they eat, though this is not true for all species. Some have adapted a stinger as a means of defense on the end of their abdomen.

There are two suborders in Hymenoptera, and they are seperated by their wing vein structure and their body shape. These two suborders are Symphyta and Apocrita.