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Characteristics of Anoplurans
Examples Chewing lice
Wings None
Mouth Parts Sucking
Usual Number of Tarsal Segments 1
Metamorphosis Simple Metamorphosis
Usual Size Minute
Where usually found On mammals

Sucking lice are small insects that are wingless and are parasitic. They have short antennae, and their sucking mouthparts retract into their bodies when they are not in use.

Sucking lice are parasites that feed on mammals, inculding humans. One of the species that feeds on humans is a disease carrier as well.

Sucking lice spend their entire lives on the body of their host, and their bites are extremely irritating to those who are bitten.

Anoplura is seperated into three families which vary in their body shape. These three families are: Echinophthiriidae, Haematopinidae, and Pediculidae.