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Characteristics of Hemipterans
Examples True bugs
Wings 0-4; Fore wings thicker at base
Mouth Parts Sucking
Usual Number of Tarsal Segments 2 to 3
Metamorphosis Simple Metamorphosis
Usual Size Medium
Where usually found Debris, vegetation, water

The true bugs can be a variety of sizes, though most are moderate in size compared to the rest of the insect world. Their antennae have several segments and are of varying lengths. The bugs in this order have a beak that rises up behind their heads.

This order of insects has a variety of effects on the environment. Some are pests and parasites, while others are beneficial to people as they kill other pests.

Because this order is so large and varied, they live in a variety of places and eat a variety of foods, ranging from plants to other insect.

Order hemiptera is divided into two large suborders, Cryptocerata, and Gymnocerata. These suborders are seperated based on beak, antenna, and the wings.