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Characteristics of Mecopterans
Examples Scorpionflies
Wings 0-4; Fore and Hind wings about the same size
Mouth Parts Chewing
Usual Number of Tarsal Segments 5
Metamorphosis Complete Metamorphosis
Usual Size Medium
Where usually found On vegetation

Scorpionflies normally have four wings, with the wings generally the same size. They have long antennae that measure about half their body size. They also have relatively slender and soft bodies.

Scorpionflies do not bite or sting, contrary to their name. In fact, they have no importance economically.

Their name is derived from the oversized genitalia on males that makes it look like they have a scorpion stinger above their backs.

There are four families of Scorpionflies, and these four are seperated based on their wing and leg characteristics. These four families are: Boreidae, Meropeidae, Panorpidae, and Bittacidae.