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Characteristics of Lepidopterans
Examples Butterflies and moths
Wings 0-4; Scaly wings
Mouth Parts Sucking
Usual Number of Tarsal Segments 5
Metamorphosis Complete Metamorphosis
Usual Size Any size
Where usually found On vegetation

Butterflies are one of the most recognizable groups of insects, having four scaly wings and long antennae. Their larval state is the caterpillar, which only has six legs even though it looks like it has more.

The larvae of many of the insects in this order are pests and eat different materials. Some eat plants, some eat stored food, and some eat clothes. The adults of this order help pollinate flowers.

The adult stages of these animals feed mostly on liquid food like nectar. Their flight pattern is often erratic.

Order Lepidoptera is split into two large suborders, Frenatae and Jugatae. The major differences between the two are the locations of the veins on the wings and the positioning of the wings.